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North Park Authors



Earlene Belew Bradley


Timber Times and Tales: An Early History of Gould, Colorado

$19.95 + .58 tax: $20.53 (add $6 per copy if mailed)

The definitive history of the Gould area includes many photos and reminiscences by former residents, and provides a clear picture of what this tiny North Park timber town was like 60 years ago.


Jim Dustin


Dog Tales

$25.00 hardcover, $10.00 trade paperback (add $4.00 per copy if mailed)

Amusing, touching short stories about Jim’s favorite subject – dogs. Here you’ll meet the giant mastiff Abelard, who resides in Dog Heaven and manages to gently influence life on Earth; Spot, who leaps from his black-and-white world into a much scarier place; Rex, whose human Tank turns down a chance to be the Messiah because the price is Rex’s life; and others equally appealing.


No Humans Were Hurt and Other Stories from The Jackson County Star Police Report

$10.00 trade paperback (add $4.00 per copy if mailed)

Eight years of the police report between two covers; gives a pretty thorough picture of what present day life is like in the small mountain community of Walden and Jackson County.


Hazel Gresham


North Park

$35.00 (add $6 per copy if mailed)

The definitive history of Jackson County and Walden from the earliest days to publication date in 1975. Packed with wonderful old photos.


Martha Hanson


Gentle Path

$10.00 (add $4.00 per copy if mailed)

An entertaining tale about a young woman who joins a company of wagon trains bound west to the Oregon Territory.


Ranch Hands, Rhubarb and Radishes

$14.95 + .43 tax: $15.38 (add $4.00 per copy if mailed)

Stories of real ranch hands and what it’s like to run a ranch in remote Jackson County. Includes numerous recipes of the food Mardie Hanson cooked for the ranch hands.


Oley Kohlman


Cowboy’n The Way It Was $10.95 (add $4.00 per copy if mailed)

Oley Kohlman tells the true story of how he became a real cowboy in North Park, Colorado in the thirties. (Presently out of print, but we’re trying to get more printed.)


Moonshiners, Bootleggers, and Some Prohibition $10.95 (add $4.00 per copy if mailed)

The crazy days of Prohibition, as seen through the eyes of the rural folk of North Park; a good social history.


Second Opinion $8.00 (add $4.00 per copy if mailed)

Volume two of Oley’s columns – see Whiff of Sage.


Uphill with the Ski Troops $10.95 (add $4.00 per copy if mailed)

Oley’s recollections of the 43 months he spent as a soldier in the U.S. Army during WWII.


Whiff of Sage $8.00 (add $4.00 per copy if mailed)

A collection of the columns Oley wrote for The Jackson County Star and other newspapers, spanning the presidencies of Ford, Carter and Reagan. Oley personifies the West and its unique individualism. When asked about the spelling and grammar he remarked, “I don’t know any big words, so I use a lot of little ones; never had any patience with people who had to spell a word only one way!”


A Tough 100 Years $21.18 (includes tax) (add $6.00 per copy if mailed)

A history of the North Park Stockgrowers Association


Patricia Langendorf


Logging The Rockies

$22.50 (add $6.00 per copy if mailed)

The true story of family life in the logging camps from the 1880s through the 1950s, with more than 100 original photos.


It’s Not A Bad Start

$10.00 (add $4.00 per copy if mailed)

A fictional account of what happens when the U.S. is attacked by terrorist missiles and the opinionated, unpopular, politically incorrect Secretary of the Interior becomes president.






Carolyn Lewis, MA


Colorado Protective Services Survival Manual for Parents

$15.00 (add $4.00 per copy if mailed)

The subject of the bookthe pitfalls parents face and how they might come up against Child Protective Services – is as timely as the daily news. The book provides a useful tool for those parents and mandated reporters to prepare them for problems that arise. Parents will learn what to expect and the best ways to deal with problems. Teachers and other mandated reporters will learn what signs to look for and what they might mean.


Our goal, and that of most parents, is to provide the best possible environment for children to grow up physically and mentally healthy. This book will help.


Karen Miller


North Park ABCs

$14.95 (add $4.00 per copy if mailed)

A charming children’s book with original illustrations of North Park animals by the author.


Things To Do With Toddlers And Twos - Telshare Publishing

More Things To Do With Toddlers And Twos - Telshare Publishing

Ages And Stages - Telshare Publishing

The Outdoor Play And Learning Book - Gryphon House Inc.

The Crisis Manual For Early Childhood Teachers - Gryphon House Inc.

Simple Steps - Developmental Activities for Infants, Toddlers and Twos - Gryphon House Inc.

Story Stretchers For Infants, Toddlers And Twos - Gryphon House Inc.

Blocks - A Practical Guide for Teaching Young Children - Scholastic Inc.

Dramatic Play - A Practical Guide for Teaching Young Children - Scholastic Inc.

(Specialized teaching books – must be ordered through Karen Miller, P.O. Box 97, Cowdrey, CO 80434)


Mickey Miller


The View from the Folding Chairs

$12.95 (add $4.00 per copy if mailed)

A memoir of a childhood spent in the North Park area during WWII.


Stephen Payne


Where the Rockies Ride Herd

$25.00 (add $6.00 per copy if mailed)

Stephen Payne’s autobiographical book about turn of the century life on a ranch in North Park.


Helen Williams


Roy Romer is Alive and Well and Living in California

$15.00 (add $4.00 per copy if mailed)

Colorado’s last three-term governor (1987-1998) is brilliant and idiosyncratic but also warm, affectionate and humorous. These are stories by his colleagues and staff and reveal the real Roy Romer. The book was written soon after he left the governor’s office. He went on to spend five years as the superintendent of the Los Angeles County Unified School District. On April 25, 2007, he began his service as the chairman and lead spokesman for Strong American Schools, a nonprofit project responsible for running Ed in 08, an information and initiative campaign funded by the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation and the Eli and Edythe Broad foundation, aimed at encouraging 2008 presidential contenders to include education in their campaign policies


Also available:



Feeding the Flock

$8.00 (add $4.00 per copy if mailed)


A Pinch of Grace

$15.00 (add $4.00 per copy if mailed)


North Park cooks are some of the best down-home cooks in the country. These books include the favorite recipes of North Parkers.