You've done a terrific job.
Marilyn Davis, Dept. of Regulatory Agencies

Started reading it, and couldn’t put it down. It is beautifully done, the memories brought back a lot of people I had forgotten, and I laughed out loud at least a dozen times, the hardest at the Romer reply to Dorothy Rupert.
Carl Hilliard, former Associated Press reporter

Well, you outdid yourself. This little book is wonderful. I love the "Romerisms" - a brilliant aside.
Sheila Ryan, former Office of Energy Conservation Deputy Director

The book is wonderful! More than I expected, even! What an accomplishment.
Maxine Smith, Corvallis, OR

It's terrific! Thank you so much for doing this. It's a wonderful gift not only for Roy, but also for all who know him -- and those who would like to know him.
David Miller, Director, The Denver Foundation

The book is wonderful and so very well done. I have laughed and laughed as I have read it.
Cindy Parmenter, former press secretary, Romer administration

You did a fabulous job!!
Cathy Walsh, former legislative director, Romer administration

The book is fantastic. I particularly noticed and enjoyed the way some incidents were recounted by more than one person, giving a slightly different cast from each. It's so professionally done, and the portrait of an amazing man jumps out of the book like a hologram.
Vince and Irene Clurman Prichard

Bravo! What a wonderful idea you had, and what a good job you did in making it a reality. It's a wonderful keepsake of a time and of people who were once such an important part of our lives. And a great tribute to those colleagues who left this life too early (in the case of Melanie and Joel, way, way, way too early).
Steve Berson, former director, Dept. of Regulatory Agencies

I want you to know just how much RR enjoyed every detail and how hard he laughed (as I did) at his foibles—qualities that we have noticed here from time to time. You should feel a great sense of accomplishment.
Maureen Kindel, consultant to LA County School District

The book is terrific. Great work.
Chips Barry

Good job.
Former Governor Richard Lamm

Helen, I finally got time last night to read the book, it's an easy read and a laugh a minute. Great job!
Sandy Fliniau

The book is awesome. You did a great service to all of us, gathering these stories and putting them together, with photos of everyone, too. When I got the book, I just grabbed a chair, sat down and read it, laughing all the way through. I'm amazed at the consistent impression of the governor, and the genuine affection for him and all his idiosyncrasies. What a guy. Thanks so much for doing it. It's a great way to remember all the wonderful times, not just with the governor, but also with all the great people associated with him over time.
Meg Porfido, former Chief Legal Counsel/Chief of Staff, Romer Administration

The book turned out just great. I learned so much about Roy that I never knew before. I also learned a lot about the other people in his life that I didn't know before. My mom loved it, too! You did a great job and I will treasure the book forever.
Trooper Brent Sprague, former Executive Security Detail and Governor’s Driver

I loved the book and am so proud to be in it! I learned a bunch about Roy that I did not know, and about the people that surrounded him. But best of all, I learned that the feelings and respect and admiration and gratitude I have always felt for him was shared by so many others. We were fortunate to have him as our Governor.
Ellie Greenberg, former president of the Women’s Forum of Colorado


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