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No Humans Were Hurt and Other Stories from The Jackson County Star Police Report

In 1998, Jim Dustin sold practically everything he owned in Missouri and bought the local newspaper, The Jackson County Star, in isolated Walden, Colorado. He had spent 25 years in the newspaper business, most of them with the St. Louis Post-Dispatch as reporter and editor, and had enough of big city life. Jackson County’s density of one person per square mile and Walden’s population of 700, give or take, was a nice change from polluted and crime-ridden St. Louis.

During his nine years as editor and publisher of The Star, he has increased circulation by more than 500 subscribers (we are a small area, after all) and won accolades from readers across the country. His editorials are well received, even when readers disagree with his conclusions. He has surely raised the I.Q. average in Jackson County by several points, and everyone appreciates the high quality of the paper.

The Jackson County Star has won numerous awards from the Colorado Press Association since Dustin took over – best editorial writing, best headline writing, best humorous column writing, best sports writing, best sports photos, to name just a few.

He writes the most popular column in The Star, the police report, which has been quoted in The New Yorker. Dustin recently published his second book, No Humans Were Hurt and Other Stories from The Jackson County Star Police Report.

Dustin’s first book, Dog Tales, is a well-written and entertaining collection of short stories featuring dogs as the main characters. He is a dog lover who has adopted numerous abandoned or abused pets and occasionally they are the subjects of his editorials.


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